Global Warming may be defined as an increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth surface due to rise in carbondixide levels and the greenhouse effect.


The main causes of global Warming are ,1.Emission of greenhouse gases like carbon di oxide, methane, nitrus oxide and choloro flura carbon.2.Burning of fossil fuels (coal and petroleum) and aggravated deforestation .


1.Heat waves and fluctuating weather cause diseases and warming up of Antarctic and Arctic oceans.2.sealevel rise and coastal flooding due to glaciers melting.3.coral reef bleaching due to change in ecosystem.4.Frequent drought,fire and heavy snowfall.


A few controlling measures are,1.Switching over from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy.2.Stopping the emission of greenhouse gases.3.Afforestion and encouraging people to use public transport.

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I am an educationalist , Philosophist, historian. I like nature.My hobby is photography .

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