Growth of ‘ MNC’ s in India

A common form of MNC Participationin Indian industry is through entering intocooperation with Indian industrialist. Trendsof liberalization in the 1980s gave a substantialspurt to foreign collaborations. This wouldbe clear from the fact that of the total 12,760foreign collaboration agreements in 40 yearsbetween 1948-1988. As a result of liberalizedforeign investment policy (FIP) announcedin July-Aug 1991 thereContinue reading “Growth of ‘ MNC’ s in India”

Travel Challenge: Day 5 — TanGental

I was nominated by my friend Derrick Knight to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. Now I nominate Noelle at Sailing Away. Please link to me so I know you have participated. If you are […]Continue reading “Travel Challenge: Day 5 — TanGental”

The yield of productive crops(Tamil Nadu–India)

The amount of production depends not onlyon the area but also on the productivity of crops.Production capacity of paddy in TamilNadu was 4,429 kg per hectare in 2014-2015.This capacity was 3,039 kilograms in 2010-2011revealing the increase in productivity.Next to paddy, maize stands second in theproduction (8,824 kg/hectare).2,093 kg/hectare corn, 3,077 kgs of rye(cumbu) and 3348Continue reading “The yield of productive crops(Tamil Nadu–India)”

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