The yield of productive crops(Tamil Nadu–India)

The amount of production depends not only
on the area but also on the productivity of crops.
Production capacity of paddy in Tamil
Nadu was 4,429 kg per hectare in 2014-2015.
This capacity was 3,039 kilograms in 2010-2011
revealing the increase in productivity.
Next to paddy, maize stands second in the
production (8,824 kg/hectare).
2,093 kg/hectare corn, 3,077 kgs of rye
(cumbu) and 3348 kgs of ragi were produced
during the same period.
Black gram, one of the largest cultivated
pulses, produced 645 kg per hectare. Production
of sugarcane and ground nut (Manila) were 107
tons and 2,753 kg per hectare respectively.
The productivity of crops continues to
increase. For example the productivity of paddy in
1965 – 66 was 1,409 kg. It increased to 2,029 kg in
1975-76 and 2,372 kg in 1985-86. It increased to
2,712 kg after a decade. The production was 4,429
kg in the year 2014-15. In the past fifty years, the

productivity of paddy has increased more than
three times.

Paddy Field

The food grain production capacity, has
increased about 3.5 times between 1965-66 and
We find that both the productivity and food
production in Tamil Nadu continue to increase.
However, the area under food grain cultivation
has reduced in the same period. Though there was
a reduction in the area of production, the total
amount of production has been maintained and
there is an increase of productivity.

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