I think this is a word. “Inheritance”, As one of the many wonders of Hinduism, this word excites me.Iwill post my thoughts on this here.The family is a basic unit in our Indian Society.The Head of the family is the father.After him his eldest son takes charge as the head of the family.This method is traditionally followed here in India by way of descent.It is a tradition traditionally followed in our Hindu familiesIn our families it is customary to give shirdi to our ancestors when they die.On this Memorial Day we invite a Brahmin who comes once a year and give Tithi.Then he will ask your father’s name,grandfather’s name,second grandfather’s name, third grandfather’s name and let this water flow.This is why?Our family tradition should not be forgotten.It was during this monarchy that the king and his eldest son become the next king.Such a tradition was known around the world as the Divine Rights Doctrine.This the pattern we see in our ancient world history.When we explain this method to our students, we measure this tradition by saying ‘Timeline’.All living things in the world choose safe places to breed and live.Rare bird species migrate from the North pole to the south pole of the Earth to Vedanthangal in Tamil Nadu, India, where they reproduce and Return.It is the command of nature that the offspring of every species should not become extinct, as these birds and all creatures know.Some exceptions to this take place in the world.This is not to say that the law of nature is wrong.All these quotes are about the meaningful tradition in our Hindu Religion.



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