Ancient cities in Tamilagam

Tamil literature, accounts of foreign travelers and archaeological finds provide us information about the ancient cities of Tamilagam.

Pompugar is one of the oldest cities in Tamilagam. This is the place were well known characters of silapathikaram,kovalan and kannagi lived.It was also port city along the Bay of Bengal .The ports were established for facilitating maritime trade.even in time past,countries began to export their surplus products and import the scarce commodities by sea.Poompuhar is one such historic port that emerged in the wake of increasing maritime trade. It is coastal city near presently Mayiladuthurai and located where the River country drains in to the sea

Pompugar it was served as the port of the early chola kingdom. One of the popular sangam literature Pattinappaalai and tamil epics, silapathikaram,and manimagalai have references to the brisk sea_borne trade that took place in the port city,puhar.Silapathikaram mentioned numerous merchants from foreign countries such as Greece and Rome landed at pompugar. Due to continuous trade ,many of them stayed on indefinitely in pompuhar. There are evident of foreigner settlements in the city. People speaking many languages inhabited pompuhar in its glorious days. As loading and unloading of ships took some months,the foriegn traders began to interact with the local people during that period. This enabled the natives to learn foriegn languages for communication. Similarly the foreigners also learned Tamil language to communicate which the natives. This contact facilitated not only exchange of goods but also languages and ideas resulting in cultural blending.

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